Get closer to wildlife at London Zoo, with over 10,000 amazing animals to discover

Come face-to-face with some of the rarest and most majestic big cats on Earth, walk through Monkey Valley with a troop of gravity-defying colobus monkeys leaping overhead, see penguins 'fly' underwater in England's biggest penguin pool and discover the Zoo's newest exhibit - the Secret Life of Reptiles & Amphibians, just opened at Easter 2024. You can even visit the sloths in the rainforest and be back home in time for tea.

Enjoy a day full of wonder and wildlife that you'll never forget, at London Zoo.

What visitors say...

  • Wow, what an experience! Right in the heart of the city, it's like a little oasis of wildlife wonders. It's clear the zoo places a strong emphasis on conservation. If you're in London, it's a must-see!
    - Google review, Sep 2023
  • I LOVED my trip to London Zoo. It was like a day of wildlife therapy. London Zoo is doing amazing work in conservation so it really does feel like a win-win
    - Tripadvisor review, Feb 2024
  • A brilliant day out with the kids!
    - Tripadvisor review, Feb 2024
  • Wow, just wow. What an amazing day out... The staff were so knowledgeable and friendly
    - Tripadvisor review, Sep 2023
  • Every turn offered a new animal encounter, sparking endless curiosity. There were interactive exhibits, educational talks... Overall, our trip to London Zoo was a roaring success!
    - Google review, Feb 2024
  • An amazing day out! Staff all lovely and friendly too! We had the best day. Will be returning again soon.
    - Tripadvisor review, Jul 2023
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Don't miss...

  • Blue tree monitor on a branch

    NEW FOR 2024 │ The Secret Life of Reptiles & Amphibians

    Enter London Zoo's newest exhibit: The Secret Life of Reptiles & Amphibians. Taking you on a journey from the dense rainforests of South America, to mountain jungles in Asia and giant dormant volcanoes in Cameroon, you'll discover all kinds of amazing creatures including snake-eating king cobras to Philippine crocodiles and Chinese giant salamanders.

    Discover more
  • Western lowland gorilla Mjukuu holds newborn at London Zoo

    Double joy! TWO baby gorillas born in February 2024

    Visit Gorilla Kingdom to see the latest (and cutest!) additions to the troop, born just three and half weeks apart.

    Read more about the new adorable duo!
  • Lioness Arya feeds cubs at London Zoo

    Visit to see our three adorable lion cubs

    The litter of three endangered Asiatic lion cubs arrived on 13 March 2024, born to seven-year-old mum, Arya, and 14-year-old dad Bhanu. See them in Land of the Lions as they grow up fast!

    Find out more
  • Asiatic lion Bhanu lying on his platform at London Zoo

    Over 10,000 amazing animals!

    An oasis of natural wonder in the heart of the city hustle and bustle, London Zoo offers an unparalleled opportunity to reconnect with the wonder of wildlife. There are close-up encounters at every turn, whether it be underwater penguin viewing or being inches away from snoozing lions, entering Monkey Valley with colobus monkeys leaping overhead or stepping in to London's only living rainforest, complete with sloths, tamandua and monkeys. That first time seeing a tiger leap, hearing a gibbon sing, or watching your little ones be memerised by clown fish darting in and out of coral, is absolutely priceless. Feel the wonder at London Zoo.

    Explore London Zoo
  • Daily live talks

    Get a deeper understanding of our animals and their habitats with daily talks from London Zoo experts.

  • Kids under 3 enter free

    Under 3s go free all year round, so you can bring your littlest wildlife explorers for their first magical experience of seeing real giraffes, penguins, monkeys and so much more up close. They (and you!) will love discovering all the thousands of leaping, roaring, slithering, diving, screeching and breathtaking close-up sensory experiences the zoo has to offer.

  • How to get here

    With nearby Tube stops on several lines, direct buses, bike hire docking stations and our own car park outside the congestion charging zone, it's easy to get to London Zoo.

    Find out more

Upcoming events

  • Mountain chicken frog
    Get involved in the May half-term fun

    Reptile Record Breakers

    Can you out-jump a mountain chicken frog? To celebrate the opening of our latest exhibit - The Secret Life of Reptiles and Amphibians - we're inviting you to test how you measure up against the record-breaking abilities of Reptiles & Amphibians.

  • Ethiopian mountain adder
    New for 2024!

    The Secret Life of Reptiles. Now open!

    The Secret Life of Reptiles and Amphibians is London Zoo's newest exhibit.

  • Four visitors taking a picture in front of tiger painted mural
    Explore the Zoo after hours - just for adults

    Zoo Nights

    Tickets on sale now. Pounce on yours today - dates sold out last year!

  • See all future events

Be inspired by over 10,000 amazing animals, and know that every visit helps protect nature for the future generations.

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