Get closer to nature

Experience wildlife from across the world in a day like no other, hopping from the lush rainforests of South America to the mountainous monkey filled jungle of Central Africa.

    The Bird Safari habitat at London Zoo
    Walk into our African aviary

    Bird Safari

    Discover a variety of stunning, winged wildlife from the world's second largest continent with London Zoo's Bird Safari.

    Splendid sunbird at London Zoo
    Tropical bird walk-through

    Blackburn Pavilion

    Take flight to the Blackburn Pavilion, and be transported to our wonderful tropical walk-through! Come nose-to-beak with exotic toucans, soaring starlings, kooky kookaburras, and plush partridges.

    Family inside a butterfly house
    Our butterfly house

    Butterfly Paradise

    Immerse yourself in Butterfly Paradise, and explore our tropical garden whilst butterflies from across the globe flutter above you.

    Giants of the Galápagos sign above the entrance to the habitat
    Follow Darwin's footsteps

    Giants of the Galápagos

    Step into our balmy Giants of the Galápagos habitat and be transported to the famous archipelago.

    Alika the gorilla at Gorilla Kingdom London Zoo
    Our western lowland gorilla troop

    Gorilla kingdom

    Our 193kg western lowland gorilla silverback Kiburi and the rest of the gorilla troop.

    Two lemurs sitting in the In with the Lemurs walk-through exhibit at London Zoo
    Move through Madagascar

    In with the Lemurs

    Get up closer to our ring-tailed lemurs than ever before at our In with the Lemurs exhibit.

    Welcome to Africa sign at London Zoo
    Our mini safari

    Into Africa

    London Zoo's Into Africa area is home to African species such as giraffes, zebras, African wild dogs and pygmy hippos.

    David Attenborough at Komodo Dragon house at London Zoo
    Renamed in honour of Sir David Attenborough

    Komodo dragon house

    Home to the largest reptile in world, which David Attenborough opened for us in 2004.

    Two meerkats at London Zoo
    Step into the Sahara


    Get closer to your favourite mob from the sands of southern Africa's Kalahari Desert.  

    Inside Monkey Valley walk through, formerly Snowdon Aviary
    Soar with the monkeys

    Monkey Valley

    Step into Monkey Valley and experience our troop of gravity-defying, 'high-flying' colobus monkeys leaping, lounging, swinging, and snoozing, in their new tree-top inspired habitat.

    Nightlife graphic with a photo of a slow loris on an illustrated forest at night background
    Tiptoe into the forest after dark


    Step into the forest after dark and get up close to enchanting species who welcome the night.

    London Zoo visitors watching a live talk and feeding of the penguins at Penguin Beach
    Penguin Beach

    Penguin Beach

    There are p-p-plenty of penguins at London Zoo's stunning Penguin Beach – England’s biggest penguin pool.

    Adult sloth hanging from a tree at London Zoo
    London’s only living rainforest

    Rainforest Life

    Step into London's only living rainforest, with trees filled with monkeys, snoozing sloths and bats flying overhead!

    Philippine Crocodile
    Brand new for Easter 2024!

    The Secret Life of Reptiles and Amphibians

    From king cobras to Philippine crocodiles and Chinese Giant salamanders, we have something for every reptile and amphibian lover.

    Sumatran tiger Gaysha in London Zoo's Tiger Territory
    Our tiger family

    Tiger Territory

    Meet the rarest tiger on earth, and be inspired to recover wildlife with us.

    Tiny Giants logo, with a clownfish, locust, coral and praying mantis illustration.
    From minibeasts to coral reefs

    Tiny Giants

    Journey through the habitats of the planet’s smallest but mightiest animals. From our coral reef aquarium, to our spider walk-through.

    Asiatic lioness Arya poses in her enclosure at London Zoo

    Land of the Lions

    Be transported from the heart of London to India’s vibrant Sasan Gir in London Zoo's Land of the Lions