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There are p-p-plenty of penguins at London Zoo's stunning Penguin Beach – England’s biggest penguin pool.

London Zoo visitors watching a live talk and feeding of the penguins at Penguin Beach

London Zoo's Penguin Beach recreates a South American beach landscape in the heart of the city, with stunning colony of Humboldt penguins. 

Penguin Beach features a large pool with stunning underwater viewing areas so you can see how our flippered friends fly under water. The 1200 sq metre pool holds 450,000 litres of water. 

Our large demonstration area turns feeding time in to an even bigger spectacle than before. Penguin Beach Live features twice daily feeds where visitors can watch the birds diving for their food. 

Penguin Beach is a breeding facility for colonies of Humboldt penguins with a special penguin nursery, including a chick incubation unit and a pool where the youngsters can learn how to swim. 

Visit London Zoo Penguin Beach 

McVities Penguin at the Zoo

We’ve teamed up with McVities Penguin to get young people and their families closer to nature, because building knowledge about animals is the first step towards protecting them. We’ll working together to inspire more people to care for our planet, while also helping to fund our global conservation impact.

McVities Penguin London Zoo partnership

We’ll be bringing fun facts from our Zookeepers to new audiences through an on-pack design and celebrating wildlife together at Penguin Beach.

Meet the Penguins at London Zoo

Get up close to our colony of Humboldt penguins with a Meet the Penguins experience. 

Game of Thrones penguins

Because of our keepers' love of the show, some of our penguins are actually named after Game of Thrones characters and houses. But don't worry, unlike their namesakes, our penguins get on very well. Living in England's largest penguin pool, there's plenty of room (and fish!) for all of them and no Iron Throne to fight over. 

In fact, Lannister is actually one of our friendliest penguins and Targaryen is one of our shyest. And, we promise we didn't plan this, but Targaryen is partnered with Stark! 

  • Penguins standing on a rock on Penguin Beach

    London Zoo Map

    Find Penguin Beach in London Zoo's orange zone

  • Humboldt penguin underwater swimming at London Zoo
    Spheniscus humboldti

    Humboldt Penguin

    Humbolt penguins are from the beaches of Peru and Chile, and can swim speeds of up to 30mph!

  • Meet the penguin experience, stroking a penguin at London Zoo Penguin beach.
    Penguin experience

    Meet the penguins

    This penguin experience gives you special access to a VIP area inside Penguin Beach, where our penguins will waddle over to meet you.

  • A wedding couple stand in front of Penguin Beach and kiss
    The perfect setting for your summer evening reception

    Penguin Beach - venue hire

    Penguin Beach hire at London Zoo is the perfect setting for your summer evening reception for up to 300 guests.​

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