On Saturday 14 October 2023 London Zoo will be closed for one day for a private event. Whipsnade Zoo will remain open as usual.

We have had brilliant conservation successes at our zoos this year. From the birth of endangered red panda cubs to our keepers meticulously hatching out a tiny vulture chick called Egbert, to the reintroduction of thousands of Partula snails to the wild. Our business partnerships are crucial to this, and a unique opportunity to work with a long-standing corporate partner on this date in October will allow us to invest even more in our conservation efforts.

Whilst London Zoo will be closed on that day, Whipsnade Zoo remains open as usual. If you haven’t visited Whipsnade Zoo yet, it’s where you can come face to face with our herd of elephants, see our new pride of lions up close and get eye-to-eye with a giraffe – all surrounded by amazing views in the UK’s largest zoo.

We look forward to welcoming you to London Zoo on a different date or perhaps seeing you at Whipsnade Zoo on 14 October 2023.