Looking to make your visit to London Zoo that extra bit special or in search of the perfect gift? Check out our range of incredible animal experiences. 

    Friendly spider programme at London Zoo logo, helping cure fear of spiders.
    Ease or eliminate the condition of arachnophobia

    Friendly Spider Programme

    Join us for a session with a hynotherapist and zookeeper, and let us help you overcome your fear of spiders.

    A mob of meerkats during a Meet the Meerkats Experience at London Zoo
    Meet our inquisitive meerkat family

    Meet the Meerkats at London Zoo

    Go inside the meerkats' home and watch as they scamper around you as they search for their food.

    Dougie Poynter meets Komodo dragon on meet the animal experience
    Perfect gift for reptile lovers

    The Komodo dragon experience

    Ever wondered what it's like to work with a fierce Komodo dragon day to day? Now's your chance to step into a keeper’s shoes and head behind-the-scenes for a truly unique experience for reptile lovers.

    A woman smiles as she hands food to two monkeys during a Meet the Monkeys Experience at London Zoo
    Feed our inquisitive monkeys their favourite snacks

    Meet the Monkeys at London Zoo

    This 20 minute VIP experience takes you down onto the floor of our living rainforest, where you will help us feed the monkeys as you learn more about all the species that call our living rainforest home.

    Baby and a woman taking part in the Baby Sensory Stories experience at London Zoo

    Baby Sensory Stories at the Zoo

    Together, we'll journey through the ocean and explore all the sights, sounds, and textures of the marine world through our interactive Sensory Stories at the Zoo.

    Four people looking at a giraffe and taking part in the Giraffe Keeper experience at Loondon Zoo
    Find out what it's like to work with giraffes

    The Giraffe Keeper experience

    Ever wondered what it's like to work with the giraffes day to day? Now's your chance to step behind-the-scenes for a truly unique giraffe experience.

    London Zoo Lodges at night
    Stay at London Zoo

    London Zoo Lodges - stay over at the Zoo

    An exciting opportunity to stay overnight at London Zoo, right next to our lion pride!

    Junior Keepers for a Day in with the spiders smiling
    Experience the day in the life of a Zookeeper

    Junior Keeper For A Day

    Do you know a young animal lover? Our Junior Zookeeper for a Day is the must-do animal experience for them!

    A woman and two children feeding the penguins at London Zoo
    Feed the Animals at London Zoo

    Feed the Animals at London Zoo

    Make your Zoo visit even more memorable with a Feed the Animals experience at London Zoo.