Daily talks at London Zoo

Get closer to nature and learn more about animals from across the world.  Our daily animal talks share the latest understanding of endangered species, their habitats, and how we can protect them.

These talks are subject to change, please check our ‘What’s On’ boards when you arrive for accurate timings and additional pop-up talks throughout the day. 

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Daily events

Northern white-cheeked gibbon at London Zoo
10:45 am - Tiger Territory


See our gibbons swing through the trees and enjoy a spot of breakfast as we give you all the fun facts on these amazing apes.

Asim the tiger at London Zoo
11:00 am - Tiger Territory

Tiger Talk

Prowl through tiger territory to discover more about these powerful predators.

Two Asian short-clawed otters at London Zoo
12:00 pm - Pink Zone

Otters and Dwarf mongoose talk

Hear all about our amazing mini predators.

Penguins standing on a rock on Penguin Beach
1:30 pm - Penguin beach


Meet us at Penguin beach to see our playful penguins make a splash.

An owl during Super Species Live at London Zoo
2:00 pm - Bird show

Super species live

Get up close and personal with astonishing species from around the world and find out how their natural behaviours help them the thrive in wild.

Newborn gorilla at London Zoo
2:00 pm - Gorilla Kingdom

Gorilla talk

Marvel at our family of Gorillas and hear more about the world’s largest primate.

Khaleesi the Komodo dragon at London Zoo
3:00 pm - Attenborough Komodo Dragon House

Komodo Dragon talk

See our spectacular Komodo dragon, Khaleesi, and learn all about the largest lizards in the world.

Pygmy hippo Amara in her new habitat at London Zoo
3:30 pm - Into Africa

Pygmy hippo talk

Step into Africa and find out what makes a pygmy hippo so unique.

Learn more about our animals

  • Northern white cheeked gibbon male
    Nomascus leucogenys

    Northern white-cheeked gibbon

    These gibbons mate for life, and sing together to strengthen bonds and defend their territory, but they are under serious threat from poaching for the pet trade, traditional medicine, and deforestation.

  • Sumatran tiger Gaysha walking in her Tiger Territory home at London Zoo
    Panthera tigris tigris

    Sumatran tiger

    Sumatran tigers are smallest and rarest tiger, and they have the deepest orange colour of all the tiger subspecies.

  • Two Asian short-clawed otters at London Zoo
    Aonyx cinereus

    Asian short-clawed otter

    Young otters do not open their eyes until they are 40 days old, taking their first swim after about nine weeks old.

  • Humboldt penguin underwater swimming at London Zoo
    Spheniscus humboldti

    Humboldt penguin

    Humbolt penguins are from the beaches of Peru and Chile, and can swim speeds of up to 30mph!

  • Khaleesi the Komodo Dragon in the Attenborough Komodo Dragon House
    Varanus komodoensis

    Komodo dragon

    The largest and heaviest reptile in the world, which can eat up to 80% of its body weight in just one feeding.

  • Gorilla eating at London Zoo
    Gorilla gorilla gorilla

    Western lowland gorilla

    Gorillas are the world's largest primate, weighing up to 200kg. They share 98.4% of their DNA with humans, and all four gorilla subspecies are critically endangered.

  • Pygmy hippo at London zoo
    Choeropsis liberiensis

    Pygmy hippo

    There are less than 2500 pygmy hippos left in the wild, and they are the only surviving member of their genus.

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