Use our map to find your favourite animals around the Zoo. The zoo is split into three zones, orange blue and pink, to help you stay on track during your wildlife adventure.  

You can also download the London Zoo mobile app. Explore the conservation Zoo your way with GPS enabled step by step navigation, create a plan for your day, view animal information, daily talks schedule and so much more!

Please be aware that there are some essential works happening on-site over the coming weeks:

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Map of London Zoo

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London Zoo Mobile App

    Adult sloth hanging from a tree at London Zoo
    Connecting with the natural world


    Experience wildlife from across the world in a day like no other, hopping from the lush rainforests of South America to the mountainous monkey filled jungle of Central Africa.

    Sumatran tiger Asim in his Tiger Territory home
    Discover facts about our animals


    Get closer to nature and meet our amazing animals, from tiny marching leafcutter ants to a giant 193kg silverback gorilla.