30 June 2022

Colobus monkeys explored their new Monkey Valley home at ZSL London Zoo for the first time on Tuesday 28 June - as the Zoo counts down to the landmark exhibit’s public opening in August.  

Hidden camera footage shows the troop of ten Eastern black and white colobus monkeys scampering through a sky tunnel connected to their canalside pad – pausing to take in the scenery before excitedly leaping from tree to tree. 
Keepers fixed cameras in place to watch the long-awaited moment from afar, while the monkeys investigated their expansive outdoor home – which includes a 30ft waterfall, multi-level sunny and shaded basking spots, more than 800 metres of rope to swing on, and 1,347 new plants and trees to leap amongst. 
Over the next six weeks, the shaggy-tailed tree-dwellers will settle into Monkey Valley before visitors are invited to join them for the first time this August. Keep an eye on our website for future updates.


  • Inside Monkey Valley walk through, formerly Snowdon Aviary
    Soar with the monkeys

    Monkey Valley

    Step into Monkey Valley and experience our troop of gravity-defying, 'high-flying' colobus monkeys leaping, lounging, swinging, and snoozing, in their new tree-top inspired habitat.

  • A colobus monkey holding onto a tree in Monkey Valley
    Colobus guereza

    Eastern black-and-white colobus

    These have just four long fingers on each hand and a bump where you'd expect to see a thumb. 

  • Three squirrel monkeys standing on a rope and eating corn at London Zoo
    Squirrel monkeys

    Squirrel monkeys

    Go in with the monkeys and observe them in their habitat.

  • Squirrel monkey baby at London Zoo
    Saimiri boliviensis

    Black-capped squirrel monkeys

    Squirrel monkeys have the largest brain, proportionally, of all primates.

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