We offer a variety of team building activities all year round, bringing people together on a memorable, fun day out.

Why host a team building event at London Zoo? 

Where else in London could you participate in a team building event with some of the most beautiful and fasinating animals on the planet? Whether you want a full day challenging your team mates using the Zoo’s facilities or a more focused team building session to break up a meeting or conference, London Zoo has it all.  

We have both indoor and outdoor activities that can be catered to suit your time frame and personalised to your company and event.  

Team building days at London Zoo

What team building activities are available at London Zoo? 

I'm a Delegate...Get Me Out of Here  

Delegates are informed that there is a locked treasure chest hidden in the grounds of London Zoo. The map for the treasure chest is contained in a locked safe and it is your task to answer clues and complete challenges to find out the code. Many clues will involve teams using their grid map and compass to move from one clue or challenge point to another.  

We have many other team building activities available, please get in touch for further information by emailing [email protected]

How can I book a team building day at London Zoo? 

Get in touch with our friendly and helpful events team using our contact form.

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How can I become a Corporate Member?

Did you know that free venue hire is one of the key benefits of ZSL’s Corporate Membership packages?  

If your company is looking to host an event at London Zoo or Whipsnade Zoo, it may be worth considering Corporate Membership.

Other membership benefits available include free Zoo tickets for your staff, corporate volunteering days working at the Zoo, behind the scenes tours, and further discounts on future venue hire and event bookings. 

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