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Calling all adventurers, explorers and globetrotters! London Zoo’s Animal Adventure zone takes young visitors on a journey of discovery. 

HMS Beagle climbing frame in London Zoo's Animal Adventure

What animals will I see in London Zoo's Animal Adventure?

Animal Adventure gives children the chance to come face-to-face with amazing animals, including meerkats, porcupines, pigs, coatis, alpacas, llamas and goats. 

Specially designed low barriers mean young animal fans feel like they’re right in the heart of the action, watching the animals behave just as they would in the wild, and there’ll be plenty of opportunities to meet ZSL’s expert keepers and get the inside story on their work.

What play equipment can I use in Animal Adventure?

Animal Adventure is the ultimate zoo experience for young pups! Capturing little ones’ imaginations, a child-sized hot air balloon will ‘transport’ them to animal kingdoms around the world. Kids can follow in Darwin’s daring footsteps - navigating swinging bridges, slides and ladders aboard HMS Beagle, and our Splash Zone is the perfect place to cool off in on a sunny day. 

Our Splash Zone area may be closed without prior notice on the day of your visit. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

A little girl plays in the Animal Adventure Splash Zone at London Zoo

What facilities are available in Animal Adventure?

Adults are well-catered for while little ones enjoy explore – Animal Adventure includes a catering kiosk offering hot drinks, snacks and tempting extras so you can be relaxed and refuelled, ready for exploring the rest of the Zoo.

There are also toilets and a Changing Places facility. 

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  • A child going down the slide in London Zoo's Animal Adventure

    London Zoo Map

    Find Animal Adventure in the orange zone at London Zoo

  • A brown-nosed coati surrounded by trees at London Zoo

    Brown-nosed coati

    Coatis can reverse their ankle joints to run down trees head first!

  • Tiggy the llama at London Zoo


    Llamas have oval red blood cells to help them live in high altitude areas

  • Three yellow mongoose at London Zoo

    Yellow mongoose

    This species has a distinctive white tip at the end of their long tails

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