Inspiring Change: Designing an Eco-Campaign with London Zoo

Want to help make the planet a better place, all while getting nose-to-nose with spectacular species from around the world? 

Developed as part as British Science Association's CREST award, during this programme students are tasked with developing a pro-environmental behaviour change campaign. After exploring the zoo and investigating the threats many habitats are facing around the world, students will learn about the psychology or behaviour change and work collaboratively to design a campaign that could make change in their community, to positively impact the environment. 

After pitching it back to the group, the best campaign is chosen – and can even be used back at school with the ZSL’s support. 

Age Group: Ages 10-14 yrs old

Location: Onsite at London Zoo or half onsite and half at school. 

Duration: One five hour workshop, or split into five one hour workshops. 

Capacity: 35 students per class

Price: £3 per student + £255 delivery + Zoo Entry for each pupil

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Students presenting their behaviour change campaign
Two lemurs sitting on a wall at London Zoo In with the Lemurs exhibit

What is the CREST award?

CREST is a scheme from the British Science Association that inspires young people to think and behave like scientists and engineers.
Students will develop skills in self-management, problem solving, teamwork, research, communication and presentations.

Discovery Awards offer an introduction to real student led project work and give students the freedom to run their own investigations, giving students a great first introduction to STEM project work.

What do students gain from this?

Students get the chance to spend a day exploring London Zoo and finding out about the details of the global biodiversity crisis, whilst being empowered with realistic actions they can take, as well as the power of collective action. If you choose, the winner could led to real change in your community.

Upon completion of the award, students also get a personalised certificate from the British Science Association.

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