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22 July - 3 September

London Zoo's BIG summer of fun!

Get set for heaps of family fun this summer with a whole day packed with wild games, over 14,000 animals, and giant attractions including England’s biggest penguin pool, London’s biggest living rainforest and, of course, big cats.

Only for this summer, prepare to take on London Zoo’s Really Wild Challenge! Throughout the school holidays the Zoo will be filled with a host of favourite family games, all with a really wild twist! Go head-to-head with your ‘troop’ and channel your animal skills to battle it out to find out who takes top spot.

Themed around speed, survival, stealth and ZSL’s conservation work, games include:

Buzz Wire Challenge

A classic game for steady hands and keeping your cool. Can you follow the animal outline and avoid buzzing the wire?

A child playing Don't Buzz the Buzzer at London Zoo
Sleeping Tiger

Can you sneak through the forest as silently as a muntjac deer without waking up the hungry tiger? Test your stealth in this game of agility, where one knock of a vine will jingle bells to alert the predator to your presence!

Children playing Sleeping Tigers at London Zoo
Savannah Scramble

Every ecosystem is a complex puzzle. If there’s one missing or damaged part, it can have a disastrous effect on the whole ecosystem. Help keep this one in order by slotting all the inhabitants in the correct places – against the clock!

Hook-a-duck (including prizes)*

Try your luck with hook-a-duck, at the Grade I listed Lubetkin Penguin Pool.

Rubber ducks in Lubetkin penguin pool at London Zoo

*Extra charge applies. All other activities included in Zoo entry price. 

Wild places Spot the Difference

Our world is changing fast. Alongside a classic game of spot the difference, discover how habitats are changing, the impact that has on wildlife and what we can all do to help.

Paws & Claws

Choose your tracks in this game of noughts & crosses given the London Zoo treatment.

Poo-dunnit?! detective skills

Do you know your deer droppings from your porcupine poop? Brush up your tracking skills in this hugely entertaining (and not at all stinky) identification game.

Animal Tail Hoopla

How well do you know animal tails? Learn about how tracking devices help ZSL’s field conservation and rack up maximum points (and family bragging rights) by successfully hoopla-ing the trickier tails.

A visitor playing Animal Tail Hoopla at London Zoo
Hurry to the Hive!

Bees play a big role in keeping habitats thriving and food on our tables. How quickly can you buzz back to the hive? But mind out for the disappearing flowers!

Wild Cards

Test your animal knowledge with a London Zoo special edition of higher or lower.

Away from the games, London Zoo is full of big experiences, from our playful Humboldt penguins darting around England’s biggest penguin pool (don’t miss the incredible underwater viewing bubble!), to the towering Monkey Valley walkthrough exhibit where you can go in with leaping black and white colobus monkeys. And it’s not just the exhibits: you’ll be blown away by the size of some of our residents including imposing silverback gorilla Kiburi, spectacular big cats in Tiger Territory and Land of the Lions and – the clue’s in the name – Galápagos giant tortoises. Not to mention our beautiful giraffes. Your whole family is bound to make heaps of fabulous animal memories.

As if all that isn’t BIG enough, kids can also get hands on with vet hospital roleplay^. Find out what it takes to be a ZSL vet in the wild and to help treat the wounds of our model injured lion! Gold members, Fellows and Patrons have priority access to the first vet hospital roleplay session at 10.00am each day – simply swing by the Cassons with your membership card in time on the day!

Or head to the wildlife garden for wildlife crafts including bird feeders and bug hotels.

Plus, all visitors can enjoy a full programme of hundreds of free talks by ZSL experts throughout the summer.

Phew! Now that’s a really BIG day out for all the family.

Children under 3 and ZSL members enter free.

^First come, first served admission to roleplay experience. Limited capacity sessions between 10am and midday.

‘Hook a Duck’ in the iconic old penguin pool is just one of the games the whole family will love