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Animal Awareness Day
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18 June
22 June
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It's World Camel Day on 22 June each year and it's the perfect opportunity to celebrate our camels at London Zoo!

Domestic Bacterian camel at London Zoo

London Zoo is home to two domestic Bactrian camels - Genghis and Noemie. But how much do you know about them? Our Camel Day celebrations have now passed for 2023, but join us at London Zoo every day to learn all about their incredible adaptations, the threats camels are sadly facing in the wild, and how ZSL is working to protect them

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London Zoo plays a vital role in global conservation

Camel conservation

Wild camels are a high priority EDGE mammal – meaning that they are classed as Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered. 

Hunting, pollution, illegal mining and human/animal conflict have all caused big problems for this amazing species, and ZSL works in Mongolia to help to conserve them.