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Animal Awareness Day
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21 June
23 June
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Come and join our GIANT World Giraffe Day 2024 celebrations!

21 and 23 June at London Zoo is the place to be to celebrate the incredible world of giraffes.

Nuru the giraffe in her new habitat at London Zoo

London Zoo is home to giraffes Molly and Nuru. We want to share our love for our two ladies who are dutifully representing all giraffes by putting on a full long weekend of activities in celebration!

With the species becoming more and more threatened, we want to create an army of you to help us shed light on why giraffes are so important to our ecosystem, and demonstrate some of their incredible adaptations. From their dark blue tongues to giant hearts, long necks, and beautiful long eyelashes, come and learn and experience everything giraffe!

Giant prizes to be won!

How much do you know about giraffes already? Test your knowledge with our quiz for the chance to win prizes! Meet our expert Giraffe Keepers for Q&A sessions, visit our talks, join us in making giraffe enrichment, and take a look at some of our amazing artefacts which we'll bring out just for this special event. 

Best of all, by visiting us over our World Giraffe Day weekend, you will be supporting ZSL's conservation work in Africa

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on 21 and 23 June, Members, Fellows, and Patrons who visit us can claim a free giraffe pin badge. Just head to our giraffe house where our celebrations are taking place and show your membership card to our staff to claim your badge. But hurry - badges are limited each day and will be handed out on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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Full Events Programme

Giraffe Days - Friday 21 & Sunday 23 June

Come and join us at the Giraffe habitat where we've two fun packed days of activities including: 

Talks and Keeper Q&A Sessions

12.00pm - Talk and Keeper Q&A plus Competition

2.00pm - Talk & Keeper Q&A plus Golden Tickets enrichment making.

4.30pm - Talk & Keeper Q&A and plushie competition Presenter & Keeper

Discover the amazing adaptations and curious characteristics of the zoo's tallest residents and learn just what life is like as a giraffe at our informative talks. Then join us for a question time session with a genuine giraffe keeper. You'll get to understand what it takes to look after these beautiful beasts with an opportunity to ask you very own questions at the end.

A member of staff will be able to advise you what side of the enclosure to be on for the Talks and Keeper Q&A's, just head for where you see the giraffes!

Artefacts table

Swing by to study artefacts such as giraffe vertebrae and tail hair, learn about the conservation work surrounding our giraffes and take away puzzles to complete while watching our girls Molly & Nuru. You may even catch our giraffes enjoying some of their favourite tasty herb enrichment - puzzle balls filled of luscious green herbs that encourage the giraffes to use that super-long tongue to get the food from the hanging balls!


Look out for the chalkboards at the entrance of the zoo for your opportunity to enter easy giraffe themed competitions with fabulous prizes!



Conservation in Africa

Reticulated giraffes (giraffa reticulata) are increasingly threatened by habitat loss, hunting and human/wildlife conflict. Scientists and conservationists from ZSL - the conservation charity behind London and Whipsnade Zoos – work with local communities in Africa to build stronger, sustainable relationships between people and wildlife.

  • Giraffes in their indoor and outdoor enclosures at London Zoo
    Giraffa camelopardalis


    Giraffes have the same number of neck bones as humans – although theirs are linked by ball and socket joints enabling them far greater flexibility. 

  • Four people looking at a giraffe and taking part in the Giraffe Keeper experience at Loondon Zoo
    Find out what it's like to work with giraffes

    The Giraffe Keeper experience

    Ever wondered what it's like to work with the giraffes day to day? Now's your chance to step behind-the-scenes for a truly unique giraffe experience.

  • Nuru the giraffe in her new habitat at London Zoo
    2 March 2023

    Reticulated giraffe heads to London Zoo before big breeding programme move

    Seven-year-old reticulated giraffe Nuru is taking a city break at London Zoo as part of a European breeding programme for the Endangered species – after being chauffeured between ZSL’s two conservation zoos in a ‘convertible’ this week.

  • Black and white photo of giraffes at Decimus Burton's Giraffe House
    England's first giraffes

    Giraffe house history

    When giraffes arrived at London Zoo in 1836, they caused a public sensation. Our giraffes were the first to be seen by the public in England, and made Londoners instantly form a connection with the natural world.

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