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Animal Awareness Day
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17 June
21 June
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It's World Giraffe Day on 21 June each year and it's the perfect opportunity to celebrate our giraffes at London Zoo!

Nuru the giraffe in her new habitat at London Zoo

London Zoo is home to giraffes Molly, Maggie and Nuru! Giraffes are the world's tallest land mammal, but how much do you know about them? Our World Giraffe Day activities have passed for 2023, but we can celebrate them every day of the year! Join us at London Zoo to learn all about their incredible adaptations, the threats giraffes are sadly facing in the wild, and ZSL's conservation work in Africa

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London Zoo plays a vital role in global conservation

Conservation in Africa

Reticulated giraffes (giraffa reticulata) are increasingly threatened by habitat loss, hunting and human/wildlife conflict. Scientists and conservationists from ZSL - the conservation charity behind London and Whipsnade Zoos – work with local communities in Africa to build stronger, sustainable relationships between people and wildlife.

  • Giraffes in their indoor and outdoor enclosures at London Zoo
    Giraffa camelopardalis


    Giraffes have the same number of neck bones as humans – although theirs are linked by ball and socket joints enabling them far greater flexibility. 

  • Four people looking at a giraffe and taking part in the Giraffe Keeper experience at Loondon Zoo
    Find out what it's like to work with giraffes

    The Giraffe Keeper experience

    Ever wondered what it's like to work with the giraffes day to day? Now's your chance to step behind-the-scenes for a truly unique giraffe experience.

  • Nuru the giraffe in her new habitat at London Zoo
    2 March 2023

    Reticulated giraffe heads to London Zoo before big breeding programme move

    Seven-year-old reticulated giraffe Nuru is taking a city break at London Zoo as part of a European breeding programme for the Endangered species – after being chauffeured between ZSL’s two conservation zoos in a ‘convertible’ this week.

  • Black and white photo of giraffes at Decimus Burton's Giraffe House
    England's first giraffes

    Giraffe house history

    When giraffes arrived at London Zoo in 1836, they caused a public sensation. Our giraffes were the first to be seen by the public in England, and made Londoners instantly form a connection with the natural world.

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