Area of zoo
Pink zone
Enclosure status
Population in the wild
IUCN status
Scientific name
Lycaon pictus
Sub-Saharan Africa
Grassy plains, bushy savannah

What African wild dogs look like?  

Each African wild dog has its own unique patterns and markings. In the wild, their distinctive patterning helps camouflage them from potential prey.

African wild dog at London Zoo looking up
Two African wild dogs sitting at London Zoo

African wild dog facts 

  • Pack sizes range from four to 40 individuals, usually with more males than females.
  • African wild dogs have highly developed communication skills and hunting is carefully planned with each dog having a role to play in ensuring the kill. 
  • They are known for being one of the most successful predators in the world. 
  • African hunting dogs have an 80% hunt success rate, whilst lions in comparison successfully catch their prey 30% of the time. This makes African hunting dogs one of the most successful predators on earth.

What do African wild dogs eat? 

Mostly antelope and wildebeest but often warthogs, zebra and even lizards. 

African wild dogs habitat 

Grassy plains, bushy savannah. 

Where do African wild dogs live?  

Sub Sarahan Africa although virtually gone from West Africa. 

What threats do African wild dogs face?  

Human encroachment, diseases spread by domestic animals, and persecution by humans. 

Where can I find African wild dogs at London Zoo?

You'll find our pack in the Into Africa within the Pink Zone of the Zoo. 

See African wild dogs at London Zoo

Pair of African wild dogs sitting


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Our conservation work with African wild dogs

African wild dogs are an Endangered species so we're working at the cutting-edge of conservation to protect them on the ground in Africa. 

  • African wild dog at London Zoo looking up

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