Area of zoo
Pink Zone
Enclosure status
IUCN status
Near Threatened
Scientific name
Equus quagga
South western Africa and Zimbabwe
Grassy plains
A Chapman's zebra at London Zoo

What zebras will I see at London Zoo?

There are three species of zebra and London Zoo is home to Chapman's zebras, also known as plains zebras. 

What do Chapman's zebras look like?

The Chapman’s zebra is a medium subspecies of the zebra group. With some of the most famously patterned coats in the world, no two zebras ever have the same stripe pattern, and Chapman's zebras have faint brown stripes between their black stripes. 

Zebras may have evolved stripes for social recognition or to confuse and dazzle predators such as lions. 

What do Chapman's zebras eat?

Mostly grass, leaves, bark and buds. 

What threats do Chapman's zebras face in the wild?

Chapman's zebras are identified as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List. They are poached for their skins and sometimes bushmeat, and African lions and African wild dogs often prey on them.

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A Chapman's zebra at London Zoo

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  • A Chapman's zebra at London Zoo

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  • A Chapman's zebra at London Zoo

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