Area of zoo
Pink zone
Enclosure status
Population in the wild
IUCN status
Critically Endangered
Scientific name
Hypogeomys antimena

What do Malagasy giant jumping rats look like? 

The Malagasy giant jumping rat is a similar size to a rabbit. It has prominent pointed ears and large rear feet for jumps that can span up to a metre. 

Malagasy giant jumping rat facts 

The largest rodent in Madagascar, the giant jumping rat lives in burrows of complex tunnels. Despite its name, and ability to jump, its usual mode of moving is to walk. A breeding programme across zoos is helping boost their numbers. 

What Malagasy giant jumping rats eat? 

Fallen fruit                             

Malagasy giant jumping rat habitat 

These rats dig themselves long burrows like rabbit warrens 

Where Malagasy giant jumping rats live? 


What threats do Malagasy giant jumping rats face? 

The Malagasy giant jumping rat is one of the most endangered mammals in Madagascar. Loss of rainforest to rice paddies leaves these rats nowhere to live. 

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Two Malagasy giant jumping rats


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