Area of zoo
Enclosure status
IUCN status
Least Concern
Scientific name
Callicebus cupreu
South America

Red titi monkey facts

Red titi monkeys live amongst the trees and rarely ever come to ground. They mate for life and the male is the main childcare provider, carrying the infant on its back, except when the mother is nursing. Tail intertwining and grooming are regular parts of titi monkey social life. Our red titi monkeys spend most of their time together huddling, grooming and entwining their tails. They also perform duets frequently (and loudly) throughout the day, so listen out for them in Rainforest Life!


Red titi monkey at Rainforest Life London Zoo

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What do red titi monkeys look like? 

Like the name suggests, these monkeys are recognisable by their red, distinctly fluffy, fur. They have small ears and a small grey face, with a rather flat nose. Their tails are long but not prehensile (meaning it does not grasp or hold things).

Red titi monkey at Rainforest Life London Zoo

What do red titi monkeys eat?

Fruit, leaves, bamboo shoots and insects

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Where do red titi monkeys live?

Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia

Red titi monkey threats

Birds of prey and cats are a threat.

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