Area of zoo
Enclosure status
IUCN status
Least Concern
Scientific name
Tamandua tetradactyla
South America
Forest, Savanna, Shrubland

Tamandua facts

  • Tamanduas are small species of tree anteater 
  • Tamandua tongues can grow up to 40cm in length! Perfect for sucking up their favourite food of ants and termites. 
  • Tamanduas have strong foreclaws which they use dig into insect nests and to protect themselves. 
Tamandua baby at Rainforest Life London Zoo
A tamandua sleeping in a tree in London Zoo's Rainforest Life exhibit

Baby tamandua

Tamandua threats

Tamanduas are currently doing well in the wild, but they are sometimes hunted for meat, attacked by domestic dogs, or sold as a pet species 

Home to our tamanduas

Tamandua Rainforest Life London Zoo
Rainforest Life

Rainforest Life

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