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scarlet ibis

Discover a variety of stunning, winged wildlife from the world's second largest continent with London Zoo's Bird Safari.

Opened in 2004, the Bird Safari replaced some of the old Stork and Ostrich House, part of which is still used today to house species from the habitat. The area was redesigned to create a larger space for the birds and to improve visitor experience, it's now an immersive walk-through, taking you into the birds' environment.

Bird Safari is home to a number of different species, including the scarlet ibis, Abdim stork, red-crested turaco, emerald dove, marbled teal and the Baer's pochard.

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  • The Bird Safari habitat at London Zoo

    London Zoo Map

    Find Bird Safari at London Zoo

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    Penguin Beach

    Penguin Beach

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  • Red-crested turaco at London Zoo
    Tauraco erythrolophus

    Red-crested turaco

    Discover incredible facts about the red-crested turaco.

  • Abdim's stork at London Zoo
    Ciconia abdimii

    Abdim's stork

    Abdim’s stork are thought to bring rain and good luck, and form huge flocks of up to 10,000 birds.

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