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Two lemurs sitting in the In with the Lemurs walk-through exhibit at London Zoo

Get closer to the action than ever before with London Zoo's walk-through, In with the Lemurs. 

Designed by the Zoo’s expert keepers and horticulturalists, In with the Lemurs takes visitors on a journey through the Madagascan shrub forest where the evolutionarily unique primates will be leaping, climbing and lounging all around them.

Renowned sun-worshippers, the lemurs love nothing more than an afternoon spent sunbathing. With this in mind the Zoo’s dedicated architects carefully mapped the path of the sunlight in the lemurs' habitat to ensure their basking platforms are purposefully located to maximise lounging time. 

With an uncertain future in the wild, lemurs face a daily struggle to survive due to extensive habitat loss, and over-hunting. In with the Lemurs gives the Zoo’s visitors a glimpse of these threats with a replica timber mill, highlighting the devastating effect the industry has on the lemurs’ wild habitat.

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  • Map of London Zoo
    Finding your way around the Zoo

    London Zoo Map

    Find In with the Lemurs in London Zoo's Pink Zone.

  • Ring-tailed lemur in the In with the Lemurs exhibit at London Zoo
    Lemur catta

    Ring-tailed lemur

    There are just 2000 ring-tailed lemurs in the wild today. as droughts caused by Droughts caused by climate change are destroying the fruiting trees that lemurs depend upon.

  • Alaotran Gentle Lemur
    Alaotran gentle lemur

    Alaotran gentle lemur

    These lemurs can actually swim, with mothers even carrying their young on her back whilst paddling along.

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