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Meerkat standing on a tree stump

Discover London Zoo’s meerkats in their sandy habitat. 

This iconic species live in families, stand guard, babysit and they can even kill scorpions.  

Get up close to the popular creatures from the sands of southern Africa's Kalahari Desert.  

Find our mob of meerkats in Animal Adventure

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Meet the Meerkats

Meet our inquisitive meerkat family and feed them their favourite snacks.

  • Two meerkats at London Zoo

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    Find our meerkats.

  • Ring-tailed lemur in the In with the Lemurs exhibit at London Zoo
    Lemur catta

    Ring-tailed lemur

    There are just 2000 ring-tailed lemurs in the wild today. as droughts caused by Droughts caused by climate change are destroying the fruiting trees that lemurs depend upon.

  • Alaotran Gentle Lemur
    Alaotran gentle lemur

    Alaotran gentle lemur

    These lemurs can actually swim, with mothers even carrying their young on her back whilst paddling along.

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