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Our red river hog family

Ava, Cameron, Pedro, Penny, Phoebe, Shane and Tommy are red river hogs. They have very different personalities, but have one important thing in common: they love food, especially monkey nuts. They'll even eat the shells!

Look out for them ripping apart their straw bales, blowing bubbles in their water trough, and snuggling up to sleep after lots of foraging. 

Casson Pavilion at London Zoo
Red river hog piglets

Casson Pavilion building

Our Casson building is designed to look like elephants gathering around a watering hole. This 1960's brutalist architecture building has previously been used for elephants and rhinos, but today these animals live in more spacious and appropriate accommodation at our sister zoo, Whipsnade Zoo.

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    Journey through our history

    History of London Zoo

    We’ve been building stronger connections to wildlife for 200 years, deepening understanding of the natural world to shape a healthier, fairer and better future for us all. We won’t stop until that future is here.

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    Squirrel monkeys

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    Monkey Valley

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    Our western lowland gorilla troop

    Gorilla kingdom

    Our 193kg western lowland gorilla silverback Kiburi and the rest of the gorilla troop.

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    Land of the Lions

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    Reptile House

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    Tiny Giants

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    Tiger Territory

    Tiger Territory

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