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Go in with London Zoo's squirrel monkeys and observe them in their habitat.

The enclosure covers an area of 1500m² and houses a breeding group of black-capped squirrel monkeys in a habitat designed to recreate the Bolivian rainforests as closely as possible in the centre of London.

The walk-through is open to the skies of the capital with no boundaries between the animals and our visitors.

This urban eco-safari has been designed so that it will develop and mimic the forests of Bolivia, the plants have specifically been chosen for their scent and fruits that will provide enrichment to the animals.

Visit London Zoo's Squirrel Monkeys 

Monkey Valley

Step into Monkey Valley and experience our troop of gravity-defying, 'high-flying' colobus monkeys leaping, lounging, swinging, and snoozing in their tree-top inspired habitat.

  • Three squirrel monkeys standing on a rope and eating corn at London Zoo

    London Zoo Map

    Find our squirrel monkey habitat in London Zoo's orange zone

  • Squirrel monkey baby at London Zoo
    Saimiri boliviensis

    Black capped squirrel monkeys

    Squirrel monkeys have the largest brain, proportionally, of all primates.

  • A woman smiles as she hands food to two monkeys during a Meet the Monkeys Experience at London Zoo
    Feed our inquisitive monkeys their favourite snacks

    Meet the Monkeys at London Zoo

    This 20 minute VIP experience takes you down onto the floor of our living rainforest, where you will help us feed the monkeys as you learn more about all the species that call our living rainforest home.

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