18 September 2023

Our top tips for the ultimate wild day out at London Zoo

Pop on your boots, grab a map, and set off on your utterly wild adventure!

Watch an unforgettable animal talk

Prepare for action as flying, leaping and climbing animals show off their natural skills in the daily Super Species Live talk. Get up close and personal with astonishing species from around the world and find out how their natural behaviours help them the thrive in the wild.

An owl during Super Species Live at London Zoo

Hang out with the gibbons

Come rain or shine, you will nearly always see our father and son duo, northern white-cheeked gibbons Jimmy and Yoda, swinging about their home. They love to be outside! So even if it’s pouring with rain Jimmy will be sitting on a branch, quite contently, refusing to take cover.

Jimmy the gibbon at London Zoo

Enter the world of Tiny Giants

Journey through the habitats of the planet’s smallest but mightiest animals, from minibeasts to coral reefs. Learn what biodiversity is all about, and why we need to conserve it. We're celebrating the species we quite literally couldn’t live without. And explore the UK's only spider walkthrough where you can learn all about arachnids and their incredible skills. 

London Zoo aquarium with diver inside and boy looking through glass.

Travel into the Rainforest

Escape to warmer climes in London Zoo’s Rainforest Life, where you can come face-to-face with a variety of amazing rainforest species including monkeys, sloths, and tamanduas. Pop by towards the end of the day when our bats are most active.

Saki monkey in the trees in Rainforest Life

Swing by Gorilla Kingdom

Our Gorilla Kingdom brings the African rainforest to the heart of London, where you can get to know each member of our gorilla family - including our most recent arrival Kiburi. The addition of silverback Kiburi to the Critically Endangered Western lowland gorilla troop is a hugely important step in the collaborative global breeding programme. 

Western lowland silverback gorilla Kiburi in Gorilla Kingdom at London Zoo


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