21 December 2021

The festive season is in full swing at ZSL London Zoo, and keepers prepared an extra special seasonal surprise for their Komodo dragon – a whole turkey with all the trimmings.

With Santa's visit just days away, Ganas, got his ‘claus’ stuck into a festive feast made up of a huge turkey surrounded by brussels sprouts, parsnips and carrots. Leaving behind all of his vegetables, the 13-year-old dragon, instead focussed on devouring the entire turkey in one sitting.  

London Zoo's Komodo Dragon experience 

The Zoo’s 54-kg dragon requires specialist care from dedicated zookeepers, with everything down to his feeding schedule meticulously planned. Now reptile-enthusiasts can learn just what it takes to look after the world’s biggest lizard with London Zoo’s new Komodo Dragon Experience.  Those taking part will help the Zoo’s expert dragon keepers to create enrichment for Ganas, like a scent trail around his home, and set out his dinner in the enclosure, and then watch as he reaps the rewards! 

Komodo dragon Ganas bites into his turkey Christmas dinner

Dragon keeper, Joe Capon said; “A huge turkey is a dragon’s idea of the perfect festive supper, and this Christmas dinner will keep Ganas full until Boxing Day at least! 
“We’ve just launched a brand new experience where guests can get up close and personal with Ganas, and work with us to learn how to be a dragon keeper too. An experience at ZSL London Zoo is an awesome Christmas present for the animal lover in your life, and if you’re like me and leave your shopping to the last minute, a gift voucher can be purchased online, so you can order anytime!”   

Attenborough Komodo Dragon House

Joe added: “The Komodo Dragon Experience is a great opportunity to see just how much effort goes into caring for this Endangered species at London Zoo, and how every visit to the zoo is supporting other threatened species around the world – it’s a gift that really gives twice.” 
Last month, McFly bassist, Dougie Poynter headed behind-the-scenes of the Attenborough Komodo Dragon House to learn how keeper Joe cares for Ganas, Zoo’s dragon, as part of the new ‘Komodo Dragon Experience’. 
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