Watch Noemie the camel as she goes on her regular walk around the Zoo.

What's Noemie's favourite tree to munch on? What will our other animals make of her as she walks past their homes? Hoofstock keepers Joe and Mick take you behind the scenes around London Zoo during a lockdown closure as domestic Bactrian camel Noemie goes for a walk to explore. 

Wild Bactrian camels are Critically Endangered in the wild, and Noemie is an important ambassador for her species and ZSL's conservation work

We're delighted that the Zoo is now open again - we hope you'll be able to visit Noemie soon. 

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  • A domestic Bacterian camel at London Zoo

    Domestic Bactrian camel

    They are the only mammal to have oval red blood cells, rather than circular.

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    Llamas are adapted to survive in extreme high altitude environments, despite now being more commonly seen as domesticated farm animals.

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    Alpacas are a domestic animal bread from the vicuña, which are native to the Andes.

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