Event type
Animal Awareness Day
Event status
1 March - 3 March
Free with entry

Join us over the weekend of as we honour our beloved pig species in a special 3-day event dedicated to World Pig Day on Friday 1 March. Here at our conservation zoo, we're delighted to invite you to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of pigs, spotlighting remarkable species: our babirusa, mangalitsa pigs, red river hogs, and the warthogs.

Discover different types of pigs

Step into the captivating realm of these incredible creatures and learn about their unique behaviours, habitats, and conservation efforts. From the mysterious babirusa with its distinct tusks to the vibrant red river hog and the rugged warthog, each species has its own story to tell.

Fun for the whole family

Whether you're a pig fan a nature lover, or simply looking for a fun weekend activity this March in London, our World Pig Day weekender event has something for everyone of all ages. Enjoy interactive exhibits, engaging talks by our expert zookeepers, and exciting demonstrations showcasing the intelligence and charm of these remarkable animals.

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Red river hog at London Zoo
Two red river hogs at London Zoo
Some of our stars of the show - meet our red river hogs

Support our conservation work with every visit

Learn how London Zoo is contributing to the conservation of species worldwide and discover how you can make a difference in preserving their natural habitats. From community education initiatives to species reintroductions, find out how you can become a advocate for these extraordinary animals.

What's on at London Zoo

Don't miss out on this unforgettable celebration of World Pig Day at London Zoo! Join us for 3 full days of fun, on March 1-3, for a weekend filled with discovery, education, and appreciation for our porcine friends. Book your tickets now and embark on a journey into the captivating world of pigs.

Experience the magic of World Pig Day at London Zoo – where education meets adventure!

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babirusa pig London Zoo
Mangalitsa pig London Zoo
Meet our brilliant babirusa and marvellous mangalitsa pigs

Full events programme

11:00am – Red river hogs enrichment

Get ready for some fun with our adorable Red River Hogs! Look out for our volunteers at the entrance who will hand out Golden Tickets for this special event. Join the puzzle ball-making activity in the Casson Yard with snacks provided. Then, watch as we throw in the completed enrichment for them to enjoy while you learn more about these fascinating hogs.

12:00pm – Babirusa enrichment

It's time to enrich the lives of our babirusas! Grab your Golden Ticket from our volunteers and head back over to Casson Yard to participate in making puzzle balls with snacks. Our presenter will talk you through the creation process and tell you all about what enrichment actually is and what it's used for. Stick around for a special chat about babirusas pigs and a Q&A session with one of our knowledgeable keepers at 12:15pm.

2:00pm – Warthog scatter feed

Join us for a unique experience as we scatter-feed our Warthogs! Engage in a light Q&A and chat with our zookeeper while they feed our wonderful warthogs their lunch.

3:00pm – Red river hog training and a chance to win prizes!

Don't miss the highlight of the day! Our presenter will kick off with a short talk about red river hogs before hosting an exciting competition to win one of our plush toys, made from recycled materials. Keep an eye out for our volunteers who will be circulating to collect your answers on clipboards. And stick around as we reveal the plushie winners!

3:30pm – Mangalitsa piglet enrichment

Join us for a special Mangalitsa piglet enrichment session! Get your Golden Ticket from our volunteers and join nine participants as we fill puzzle feeders and boomer balls with treats for our adorable piglets. Meet our keeper and presenter outside the piglets' dens in the courtyard to learn more about these charming creatures and participate in the enrichment activities. Don't miss this chance to engage with Mangalitsa piglets and make their day even more exciting!

We can't wait to see you at London Zoo's World Pig Day celebrations! Get ready for a day filled with enrichment, education, and lots of piggy fun.

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