Area of zoo
Enclosure status
Temporarily closed
IUCN status
Least Concern
Scientific name
Ciconia abdimii
Eastern Africa
Grasslands near water and dry zones

Abdim’s stork facts

  • The Abdim’s stork is thought to bring rain and good luck.
  • Abdim’s stork are the smallest species of stork.
  • This species was named after Turkish Governor Bey El-Arnaut Abdim.
  • Abdim’s stork gather in flocks of up to 10,000 birds.
Abdim’s stork wading in water
Abdim’s stork in long grass looking up

What do Abdim's stork look like?

The Abdim’s stork is mainly black in colour, with a white chest and long grey legs, with red knees and feet. This species also has distinctive red and blue skin around its eyes and bill.

What do Abdim's stork eat?

Insects such as caterpillars and swarming locusts, as well as small reptiles, amphibians and eggs.

Abdim's stork threats

Potential threats from habitat loss and urbanisation.

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