15 September 2023

The Zoo is a fabulous day out for the whole family brimming with outdoor activities at every turn. If you're looking for things to do outside, here are 5 ways you can surround yourself with wildlife. Whether it’s escaping the urban jungle or soaking in the views, who better to share it with than our lovable animals.

Relax at Penguin Beach

Pop by England's biggest penguin pool and watch the stunning colony of Humboldt penguins waddle on land and fly through the water! Penguin Beach Live features twice daily feeds where you can watch the birds dip and dive for their food. 

Group of Humboldt penguins at London Zoo

Take flight to the Blackburn Pavilion

Immerse yourself in colour in the Blackburn Pavilion - our walk-through bird exhibit. And Watch the Blackburn Pavilion clock chime every 30 minutes – one of the Zoo’s quirkiest “animal” exhibits.

Tim Hunkin clock outside blackburn Pavilion

Enjoy lunch with a view

Escape the crowds for a canal-side spot of lunch or a quiet sit-down on The Woodland Walk. See if you can spot any colobus monkeys swinging by in Monkey Valley from the view below!

Monkey Valley overlooking the canal
© (c) Ian West

Bask in wildlife and wildflowers

Admire the beautiful flower beds and the Wildlife Garden near the flamingos. Whether you're seeking solitude or a tranquil spot to picnic with loved ones, our Wildlife Garden offers a peaceful place to unwind and connect with the natural world. Our foliage is specially selected and sourced by our horticulture team who make sure it looks beautiful and is beneficial for the wildlife at the Zoo.  

Monarch butterfly

Visit our desert island

Enter a land of giants and meet one of our BIGGEST trio in their cosy new home. You'll find Dolly, Polly and Priscilla, our whopping Galápagos tortoises, in their climate-controlled Giants of the Galápagos exhibit - it's the ultimate tropical escape!

Polly the Galapagos tortoise at London Zoo


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