18 September 2023

Looking for things to do in London with the kids? A stone's throw away from Regent's Park, open spaces in the capital don’t get much wilder than London Zoo!

As a member, you can enjoy free entry to both London and Whipsnade Zoo, for a whole year! And autumn is a beautiful time to visit. Here are five reasons why London Zoo is the perfect place to be at this time of year.  

Lion in autumn leaves at London Zoo

Discover London's wild spaces

Explore our 36-acre wildlife haven to connect with nature this autumn, with more than 14,000 animals to discover at every turn, creatures big and small. There is so much to learn about each species, and witness how their behaviour changes during the seasons. Many of our residents feel right at home in the cooler climates, from domestic Bactrian camels to Andean llamas and alpacas!

Marilyn the sloth at London Zoo

Escape to the tropics 

After enjoying an autumn stroll, you'll likely be ready to step out of the crisp fresh air and travel to warmer climes.

Explore Giants of the Galápagos and be transported to the famous archipelago to visit our tortoise trio, surrounded by the sights and sensations of the pristine, isolated island chain. Wander through the island, while Dolly, Polly and Priscilla roam the forest just feet away, basking in the tropical atmosphere - it's 27 degrees inside!

You can also warm up in Butterfly Paradise, and venture into our South American-inspired walkthrough. See if you can spot our sloths, and get acquainted with some of our lesser known animals in Rainforest Life - London's only living rainforest!

Then, immerse yourself in bird song and see some of our new arrivals in Blackburn Pavilion. Top tip: When you visit Blackburn Pavilion, time it right: our clock chimes every 30 minutes.

Meerkats with pumpkins at Halloween

Celebrate Halloween with Boo at the Zoo

Calling all little monsters and fearless families! For hairy but not too scary Halloween fun this October half term, trick-or-treat yourselves to a trip to London Zoo. Whether you’re looking for traditional Halloween crafts, hair-raising animal facts, or a session in sorcery, we’ve got you covered. Activities run from 21 - 31 October. 

A gorilla outside at London Zoo

Swing by the troop

Our Gorilla Kingdom brings the African rainforest to the heart of London, where you can get to know each member of our gorilla family - including our most recent arrival Kiburi. The addition of silverback Kiburi to the critically endangered Western lowland gorilla troop is a hugely important step in the collaborative global breeding programme. 

A child peers out of HMS Beagle in London Zoo's Animal Adventure

Create lasting memories

Whether your pre-schooler is an Attenborough in the making, or simply has oodles of energy to burn, they’re sure to love a day at London Zoo too. Our Animal Adventure play area brings children closer to nature through play. Check out our top tips for a pre-school perfect day out

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Help us save wildlife

By joining us a member, you're not only helping us to look after our amazing animals in our Zoos, but you're also supporting our work for wildlife. Together, we can help nature bounce back, for generations to come.

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