Join predator keeper Luke to learn all about our African wild dogs at London Zoo and watch them in action! 

Keeper Luke tells us about the threats that African wild dogs face in the wild, and how ZSL scientists are working with our pack at the Zoo to help their wild counterparts. He also gives you some top tips on how you can make a difference, and answers questions submitted by our members. 

Look out for our African wild dogs in our Into Africa area of London Zoo when you next visit. 

Visit our African wild dogs

  • Pair of African wild dogs sitting

    African wild dog

    They have an 80% hunt success rate, making them one of the most successful predators on earth.

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    Our mini safari

    Into Africa

    London Zoo's Into Africa area is home to African species such as giraffes, zebras, African wild dogs and pygmy hippos.

  • Sumatran tiger Asim in his Tiger Territory home
    More than just a zoo...


    When you visit London Zoo, you’re doing great things with your great day out. We are more than just a zoo – we are part of ZSL, a global conservation charity.

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