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Enclosure status
IUCN status
Not Evaluated
Scientific name
Nephila edulis

Golden orb weaver facts

  • Female golden orb weavers reach up to 5cm, not including legs. Male golden orb weavers can be tiny, with the females being up to 50 times his size.  
  • Hunters in New Guinea used orb spider webs as fishing nets.
  • Golden orb weavers create webs up to 1 metre across.

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Golden orb spider at London Zoo Spider walk-through

What do golden orb weavers look like?

The Golden Orb Weavers vary in colour from red to greenish yellow, along with bright white patches on their head and body and striped legs. There distinctive colourings are a warning sign to potential predators.

What do golden orb weavers eat?

Feed mainly on flying insects, but have even been seen to catch birds.

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3 April 2020

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Nephila inaurata madagascariensis

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