21 December 2021

We’ve noticed our London Zoo residents behave a lot like Londoners too.

As a bunch of Londoners ourselves we know our city is full of weird and wonderful people - from coffee loving hipsters, to art-obsessed culture vultures, to socialite Instagrammers. Here at London Zoo we’ve noticed our residents behave a lot like Londoners too (well they do have an NW1 postcode after all). And even in the winter, they like to venture outdoors to show off, play, exercise or simply laze around on their very own heated seats!

Two giraffes outside on a bright day


These Londoners are always on the lookout for the next big thing, scanning the horizon for the latest brands, hottest trends (animal print, obvs) and best hangouts. It's hard not to gravitate towards them, and they tend to draw a crowd. They manage to get into every pic, selfie or otherwise, and constantly appear on social media. #metime

Two otters at London Zoo


Just like otter parents, Pip and Tilly, this typical young family of Londoners is getting used to life with little ones. Having moved from their two-person den in Shoreditch to a larger family home outside the M25 they still gravitate back to the capital for fun family frolics. Doting on their two little ones they love to find fun activities for the whole family, from teaching their youngsters to swim, to playtime with pebbles and exploring nature. 

Group of Humboldt penguins at London Zoo


Always dressed to impress, these Londoners only wear tuxedos (or other designer gear). Found frequenting the fanciest, poshest fish and seafood restaurants they love the finer things in life. They even have their own personal, private beach and swimming pool. And they love to get all the attention! 

Meerkat keeping watch


These Londoners live in a massive house share with lots of roommates. As a bunch of workaholics they all find it difficult to switch off and relax after a shift. Luckily they all watch out for each other and help each other take breaks. They enjoy moaning about how much they hate London even though they never, really, want to leave. 

Northern white-cheeked gibbon at London Zoo


These Londoners have perfected their commute, always knowing the quickest routes to get where they need to go and dodging anything in their path (people or tree branches). As exercise fanatics they’re nearly always found at the gym and whether it’s climbing, running or acrobatic gymnastics, they’re always on the move. They have so many hobbies it’s hard to keep track, they’ve even joined a choir and enjoy singing in the mornings! 

Asim the tiger at London Zoo


Refined, intellectuals these Londoners take pride in their cultural pursuits. Often seen strutting around museums and galleries, they love to pay attention to everything going on around them. They are totally obsessed with cuisine, especially meat, and are real foodies. They like to hunt and prepare food themselves, before taking pics for Instagram and their food blog. 

Lion in autumn leaves at London Zoo


These Londoners love to snooze and spend most of their day asleep - cosying up on their heated rocks. When they are awake the male often relies on the female lion in their lives to do all the hunting for them. They spend a good proportion of their time awake roaring loudly to get attention. It’s generally a good idea not to get too close to these Londoners, and never wake one up mid nap, even if they’ve fallen asleep on the tube. 

Gorilla holding a leaf


As real nature-lovers these Londoners are often found outdoors on long rambles or exploring their local parks and woods. Recently they’ve taken up gardening and have been growing their own veg in an allotment. They make sure to share all the extra produce with their neighbours by throwing it at them.

Maybe it's because you're a Londoner, or maybe it's because you identify with one of our furry or not-so-furry-friends?

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  • Giraffes in their indoor and outdoor enclosures at London Zoo
    Giraffa camelopardalis


    Giraffes have the same number of neck bones as humans – although theirs are linked by ball and socket joints enabling them far greater flexibility. 

  • Two Asian short-clawed otters at London Zoo
    Aonyx cinereus

    Asian short-clawed otter

    Young otters do not open their eyes until they are 40 days old, taking their first swim after about nine weeks old.

  • Humboldt penguin underwater swimming at London Zoo
    Spheniscus humboldti

    Humboldt penguin

    Humbolt penguins are from the beaches of Peru and Chile, and can swim speeds of up to 30mph!

  • Sumatran tiger Gaysha walking in her Tiger Territory home at London Zoo
    Panthera tigris sondaica

    Sumatran tiger

    Sumatran tigers are smallest and rarest tiger, and they have the deepest orange colour of all the tiger subspecies.

  • Asiatic lion Bhanu poses surrounded by autumn leaves
    Panthera leo persica

    Asiatic lion

    There are only several hundred Asiatic lions in the wild, and they only live in the Gir Forest, India, in an area that is smaller than Greater London.

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